Auckland Council Elections

2013 Local Body Elections – Meet the Kaipatiki Local Board Candidates

23 candidates are standing for the 8 places available on the Kaipatiki Local Board. All of the current board, with the exception of Vivienne Keohane are standing again.

The Birkenhead Residents’ Association (BRA) and the the Northcote Residents’ Association (NRA) are jointly hosting a ‘Meet the Candidates’ event. The agenda has about 40 minutes of planned questions and presentation, and this will be followed by an open Q&A session for attendees to ask questions.

When: 7pm – 8.30pm, October 3rd
Where: St Andrews Church, Hinemoa St

We encourage you to attend this meeting, so that you can make an informed vote for the Candidate(s) who will best serve our community for the next three years.

We need Candidates who understand their fiscal responsibilities, and who will engage in strong community consultation that ensures developments like the $80,000 adult fitness equipment in Little Shoal Bay is not only a good use of Tax payer money, but also wanted by the local community and is appropriate for the location.

Kaipatiki Local Board Candidate Questionnaire

The Birkenhead and Northcote Residents Associations asked each of the Kaipatiki Local Board Candidates the following questions:

  1. Who you are, why you’re standing for the Kaipatiki Local Board and what you stand for.
  2. Do you live in the Kaipatiki Local Board area? what suburb do you live in?
  3. Current KLB Members track record (current KLB members only)
    Name one thing you have achieved in the last term for Birkenhead/Northcote that you are proud of?
    Name one thing the community wanted that you fought for and failed to achieve (or regret not fighting for)?
  4. Position on issues:
    Skypath – what is your position on the construction of the cycle/walkway over the bridge?
    Onewa Road T3 – what is your position on the Onewa Rd T3 lane?
    Little Shoal Bay – what is your position on the reserve status for the road through the bay?
    Birkenhead Wharf – what is your position on the location of the Bike Shed?
    Community consultation – what is your position on increased consultation with community? Will you be proactive? how will you approach community consultation?
    Unitary Plan – What are the 3 most important issues you think are still unsatisfactory in the revised UP and what would/will you do about it?
    Management of Traffic and particularly Onewa Road: what is your position, and what will you do or fight to achieve?
    Funding – how will you ensure Kaipātiki receives a fair share of council funding?
  5. Any other comments you care to make:

Click here to view, print and / or download the candidate(s) responses

For the record, Grant Gillon, John Gillon and Vivienne Keohane voted against the installation of Adult Fitness Equipment in the present location in Little Shoal Bay, whilst Lindsay Waugh (Chair) Nick Kearney, Kay McIntyre, Chris Marshall, and Richard Hills voted in favour of installation and did not listen to overwhelming local opposition.