Our Precious Bay is under Several Threats  –  Your comments please.


  1. Climate Change:

Rising sea levels have resulted in increasing major floods over most of the reserve. The main field (Dudding) has been the most visibly affected.  Some of that field is also sinking as water infiltration increases.

Two solutions have so far been suggested:

  1. Do nothing, and let the area gradually be reclaimed by the sea.
  2. Build bunds around the perimeter of the affected areas and build up the level of the field. (It seems that soil would be available from other Council works.)

Do you favour either of these suggestions?  If so, which one, and why?


Do you have another suggestion?  Please advise.

  1. Council Proposals for Camper Vans:

Council is proposing a region-wide bylaw to deal with the increasing numbers of ‘Freedom Campers.’ This will be published for submissions, probably early next year.

Currently their proposal would prohibit any camping on the seaward side of the road, but would allow camping of non self-contained vans over the rest of the reserve (primarily the Dudding field.)

This proposal would override the Reserve Act Management Plan, which currently does not permit any camping in this reserve. (That is true of most reserves that have management plans.)

Please advise your views on this matter by using the contact us formYour views do matter.