Le Roys Bush Planting dates

2013 Planting Bees – 10 am to noon – 4th Sunday of month

For 2013, we have over 3000 natives to plant – please pencil in the 4th Sunday of each month from April to July.

Date Activity (Sundays 10-am-noon) Meeting Place (See below for list  of things to bring)
 26 May 2013  Planting bee  – wetland  Glade Place Bridge
 23 June 2013  Planting bee  – wetland  Dudding Park – corner by Seaview Ave
 28 July 2013  Planting bee  – wetland  Le Roy Tce
NOTE: for any events, please check the web page https://sites.google.com/site/leroysbushauckland/what-s-coming-up for any late changes to plans or postponements  (or on the day, ring/text Keith 021-240-9414).

We suggest you bring the items shown in bold:

  • your favourite spade (please clean it – esp if you have been in an area where Kauri Dieback may occur)
  • gumboots or robust old shoes (for working in the wetland, tall gumboots are warmly recommended)
  • thorn & waterproof gloves (see notes below)
  • secateurs and/or folding saw
  • suitable hat & clothing for conditions – we recommend long sleeves and trouser legs to prevent scratches from “cutty grass” or nips from the occasional bee or wasp
  • water bottle/ snacks/ sunscreen/ insect repellent to suit your needs
  • Re gloves: we recommend when working in the wetland the sort that have plastic or rubber all over – they come in blue, red, green etc and cost from about $5 to $7