Adult Fitness Equipment

Please note that the online petition concerning the installation of adult fitness equipment in Little Shoal Bay has now closed. A big thank you to those who signed the petition. You can still make your voice heard by writing directly to Kaipatiki Local Board members.

The Kaipatiki Local Board (KLB) has recently been granted NON_NOTIFIED resource consent to install adult outdoor fitness equipment and associated ground works on the grassy play area next to Council Terrace leading down to the bay. This is despite several representations to KLB objecting to the scheme.

The Little Shoal Bay Protection Society (LSBPS) is against this proposal for the following reasons:

1 Cost: $80,000 is an excessive amount to pay for minority appeal adult outdoor fitness equipment

2 Management Plan: which states that no new built structures are permissible in the reserve

3 Location: on a grassy reserve used widely by the community for a variety of passive recreation activities

4 Safety: the site is near the children’s play area

5 Design: the fitness equipment and associated concrete paths and surface areas will not blend well with this tranquil, grassy reserve, especially in this position

6 Precedence: similar equipment in other parks in the region is unused and broken – see image below

6 LSBPS survey: over 85% of respondents in the immediate Northcote and Birkenhead community are totally apposed to the scheme

7 Higher priorities: first call on funds should be allocated to existing projects, ie drainage, groynes, re-sanding beaches, mangrove management

This is an example of fitness equipment in Marlborough Park, Glenfield.
Do you want this in Little Shoal Bay?

On every visit to this park the equipment was seen to be empty and unused, with this particular item in rather obvious need of repair. How long will such equipment last in the salt laden air of Little Shoal Bay?

Current Issues

              ISSUES IN THE BAY

  • Implementing Little Shoal Bay Management Plan
  • Protecting and enhancing bush areas
  • Protecting wildlife & bird populations
  • Retention of sand on Little Shoal Bay and Hall’s Beaches
  • Safe environment for families & children
  • Exclusion of commercial & industrial traffic
  • Convenient, well-designed parking areas
  • Improvement of ugly sea wall
  • High freshwater & seawater quality
  • Preventing noise pollution
  • Good management of the Boat Owners Association License & moorings in the bay
  • Controlled management of mangroves