“Mindless vandals hit Little Shoal Reserve again.”

Tony Holman, Chair of the Little Shoal Bay Protection Society says he was lost for words when he saw the devastation caused by some people in a car who had ripped up the surface of one of the fields in the Reserve on Saturday night.

“It is by no means the first time that parts of the reserve have been attacked in the middle of the night, but this would be the largest and most severe damage I have seen in many years.”

“The Society hopes that neighbours around the park who hear cars doing “wheelies” and high revving, will phone the Police to deal with the problem. We also hope that co-operation between the Council and the Police will devise plans which will eliminate or minimise such attacks on public property in the future.

13th May 2013

Maintaining the bay

LSBPS committee members do their best to keep a vigilant eye on the beach and reserve to ensure that everything is as well maintained as possible. We inform Council of any concerns we may have about aspects of various parts of the reserve, because Council staff and contractors are not able to be in the vicinity as frequently as we and other members of the local community.

If you see anything of concern that you think should be reported, please telephone Auckland Council 301-0101, or in cases of ongoing vandalism ring the North Shore Police 477-5000. Together we can work to keep Little Shoal Bay safe for everyone to enjoy.