Unitary Plan Submissions

UNITARY PLAN ‘BACKGROUNDER’ re PARKS & RESERVES                                     (Open Space.)

Depending on the zoning of a park or reserve, various uses may be permitted as of right, or may be allowed as a restricted discretionary activity.

Any such permitted or restricted discretionary activity/use means that the public will be given no notice of what is to happen and allowed no input. You will only know when the “activity” (e.g. a building or a market) begins.

Depending on the zoning, some or all of the following activities could impact on a reserve through the ‘secret’ processes described above:

  • Accessory buildings (includes satellite dishes)
  • A worker’s accommodation building
  • Visitor accommodation
  • Early childhood centres
  • Clubrooms
  • Information facilities
  • Offices relating to a permitted activity
  • Organised sport and recreation
  • Public amenities
  • Markets
  • Restaurants and cafes.
  • Retail accessory to a permitted activity.
  • Parking areas
  • Marae complex
  • Artworks
  • Demolition of buildings
  • New buildings and external additions to existing buildings
  • Exterior lighting, including floodlighting up to 18m high
  • Parks infrastructure (e.g. roads)
  • Sport and recreation structures.

The above means that Council officers will have a free hand, organised groups will be able to lobby for things they want in the park for themselves, but the public will have no say, and most times, no prior knowledge.

We’ll just have to pay and put up with it. This is NOT RIGHT, it is NOT DEMOCRATIC, and it is NOT the way things have been done previously. You may wish to make a submission about this.

Submissions must be sent to:

The Unitary Plan Submission Team,
Auckland Council
Freepost Authority 237170
Private Bag 92300
Auckland 1142

 And be received by them no later than 28th February 2014.

Tony Holman.  Chair, LSBPS (Inc.)

The Draft Auckland Unitary Plan

The Draft Auckland Unitary Plan will affect all residents and visitors to Little Shoal Bay.  The draft plan contains many proposed changes to the existing district plans and we think it’s important that you contribute to the feedback process, either on the shapeauckland website or by downloading the Auckland Unitary Plan feedback form for you to complete and send (by freepost) to Auckland Council.

Some of the activities listed in the Public Open Space zones in Little Shoal Bay and     Le Roys Bush are unacceptable e.g. buildings as a “Permitted” activity. Others may be acceptable, but the community needs to have an input through a notified application process, to ensure the specific use, size, design and location are appropriate in the context of Little Shoal Bay reserve & Le Roys Bush. The “Permitted” and “Restricted Discretionary” status of these activities in the Draft Unitary Plan does not allow public input.

Little Shoal Bay Unitary Plan map zones

“Permitted” (P) or “Restricted Discretionary” (RD) status for the following activities in zones 1 Conservation, 2 Informal Recreation, and 3 Sport & Active Recreation in the Bay & Le Roys Bush:

  • construction of buildings, additions or alterations
  • community facilities (e.g. places of worship, halls)
  • car parking & associated vehicle access
  • information facilities, e.g. visitor centre
  • organized sports & recreation
  • informal recreation and leisure
  • public amenities, e.g. toilet blocks
  • parks field structures
  • workers’ accommodation
  • markets
  • restaurants
  • retail
  • artworks
  • camping grounds
  • grandstands
  • floodlighting
  • conservation  forestry
  • gardens
  • maimai
  • marae complexes
  • any activity identified in an incorporated concept plan or adopted reserve management plan, placed in a different location
Public submissions on the draft Unitary Plan close at 5pm on 31st May 2013, so now is your chance to have a say.

Little Shoal Bay Management Plan


Every Council is required to have a Management Plan for each reserve under its control. (Reserves Act, 1977).

The aim is to ensure that the development, management, use and enjoyment of the reserve is based on sound resource management through the involvement of the public expressing their needs.

Management Plans set out the objectives and policies for the park, identified and resolved after a full public process of discussions, submissions and hearings.

Once adopted, the Plan may be changed, but only after another full, open and consultative public process.

The LSB Management Plan was adopted and became operative in December, 1997. A hard copy of the plan can be viewed at the Birkenhead or Northcote Public Library or you can download a PDF document here: Management Plan: Little Shoal Bay and Le Roys Bush Reserves

Contents of the Plan:

Part 1:

  • Statutory requirements
  • History of the Bay
  • Bush environment
  • Marine environment
  • Landform, stormwater, geology.
  • Flora
  • Fauna
  • Facilities
  • Landscape
  • Leases / licenses

Part 2:

  • Current use
  • Future use
  • External considerations

Part 3:

This is the really important section setting out the:

  • Goals
  • Objectives and
  • Policies. (pages 32 – 46)  These objectives and policies should be adhered to at all times and not be altered by Council or Local Board in any ad hoc way.

These pages (pages 32 – 46) are the most important.

The maps on pages 57, 59 and 61 are also very important and link to the policies and legal matters including the Resource Management Act and Reserves Act.

Other matters:

See page 49 for the outline of the Management Plan Process and page 48 for the Plan Change Procedure if changes to the established are to be undertaken, whether by Council or the Local Board.

These procedures are required to be undertaken by the Reserves Act 1977.


Welcome to the Little Shoal Bay Protection Society (LSBPS).

LSBPS acts as a guardian of the Bay, to ensure that the natural environment is protected and enhanced, and that no inappropriate development takes place on this precious oasis of green open space. In the years since our organisation was set up, there have many attempts to encroach on what is seen as ‘empty’ and therefore ‘available’ open space.We on the other hand, see the open space as precious for families, children and individuals to enjoy in this ever more crowded urban environment and we will do our best on your behalf to see that it remains so.

Beach, Coastline and Reserve Clean-up

We invite you to join us for a community clean-up of Little Shoal Bay, surrounding beaches and reserves on:

Sunday 2nd December 2018 at 10.00am, meet near the Sea Scout Hall, LSB

Volunteers infront of a “Pink Bin” of debris collected during a previous cleanup of Little Shoal Bay

We aim to cover the coastline between Fisherman’s Wharf and Birkenhead Wharf, and around to Chelsea Bay along with associated reserves and parks (Dudding Reserve, Hinemoa Park etc) – so the more helpers the better! Disposable gloves and rubbish bags will be provided.  Please wear suitable clothing and footwear (gumboots if you have them)  – remembering your sunblock and a hat.

After the clean-up there will be a BBQ and drinks for volunteers – we hope you can stay for this to enjoy some social time.

Event arranged by the Birkenhead Residents Association and Little Shoal Bay Protection Society with support from Birkenhead Sea Scouts, Hinemoa Placemaking Group, Beyond The Fence, The Willow Bay & Needles Eye Group and Le Roys Bush Management Committee.

Generously sponsored by Northcote Tavern, New World Birkenhead, and Auckland Council.

In case of unfavourable weather conditions, please check bra.org.nz website or the BRA Facebook page for updates and/or instructions.

UPDATE on cleanup

Thanks to all who helped with the cleanup last Sunday.

About 40 people worked the shores and reserves from Northcote Point to Chelsea Bay. We cleared a lot of rubbish, mostly glass, plastics, boat debris and freeloader camper-van parts. A couple of wrecks pretending to be boats were too big for us – over to you Harbourmaster? Thanks also to New World-Birkenhead for food and the Northcote Tavern for refreshments, both very generous and welcome sponsorships.



Mangrove Removal Community Days

help remove mangroves!

Shade Cloth over children’s play area

Would you like to see a shade cloth installed over the play area in Little Shoal bay? Fill in a letter of support for us to present to the Kaipatiki Local Board on Wednesday 15th March 2017.


Friends of Leroys Bush

For more information about Leroys Bush reserve, the work of the Friends of Leroys Bush and to find out when you can volunteer on planting days, follow this link to their website:

Leroys Bush, Little Shoal Bay