The Draft Auckland Unitary Plan

The Draft Auckland Unitary Plan will affect all residents and visitors to Little Shoal Bay.  The draft plan contains many proposed changes to the existing district plans and we think it’s important that you contribute to the feedback process, either on the shapeauckland website or by downloading the Auckland Unitary Plan feedback form for you to complete and send (by freepost) to Auckland Council.

Some of the activities listed in the Public Open Space zones in Little Shoal Bay and     Le Roys Bush are unacceptable e.g. buildings as a “Permitted” activity. Others may be acceptable, but the community needs to have an input through a notified application process, to ensure the specific use, size, design and location are appropriate in the context of Little Shoal Bay reserve & Le Roys Bush. The “Permitted” and “Restricted Discretionary” status of these activities in the Draft Unitary Plan does not allow public input.

Little Shoal Bay Unitary Plan map zones

“Permitted” (P) or “Restricted Discretionary” (RD) status for the following activities in zones 1 Conservation, 2 Informal Recreation, and 3 Sport & Active Recreation in the Bay & Le Roys Bush:

  • construction of buildings, additions or alterations
  • community facilities (e.g. places of worship, halls)
  • car parking & associated vehicle access
  • information facilities, e.g. visitor centre
  • organized sports & recreation
  • informal recreation and leisure
  • public amenities, e.g. toilet blocks
  • parks field structures
  • workers’ accommodation
  • markets
  • restaurants
  • retail
  • artworks
  • camping grounds
  • grandstands
  • floodlighting
  • conservation  forestry
  • gardens
  • maimai
  • marae complexes
  • any activity identified in an incorporated concept plan or adopted reserve management plan, placed in a different location
Public submissions on the draft Unitary Plan close at 5pm on 31st May 2013, so now is your chance to have a say.